Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Post operation recovery

Well it's been a week since I had my operation & the recovery seems to be going well. I have just started going back to the gym & have done a number of spin classes, which I am happy to report don't appear to have an ill effect (my orthopedic surgeon has recommended cycling as one of the best forms of exercise for the knee as it places no pressure on the joint) & I have even managed a small road cycle. Hopefully this means I'm on the road to recovery.

I was given crutches, which I never really mastered, but I'm now off them!!

I have also added swimming to my training regime. I have decided in May 2013 to give a full Ironman a go & I am grateful for my friend Becky for her help in trying to improve my technique. She glides through the water like a Polaris missile, I hardly move & look like an epileptic having a fit in a ball of spray & splash!!

I have no idea what she is doing here!!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

My operation

Well I underwent the knife last Friday & have now been 'signed off' by my Doctor for 6 weeks, given a set of crutches that I haven't mastered & have been told that I should wait at least 4 weeks before I contemplate full weight bearing on my knee.

Good news is that I have almost full movement in my knee & I can partially weight bear with only a little pain, so am hoping that the recovery will be quicker that I expected. The bad news is of course my knee is knackered & I am already bored s**tless at home!!

I've set up my rolling road in the garage & plan in the next few days to get on it & just keep my legs spinning, no gears & just doing a few hours a day to keep my fitness maintained as I don't want to lose too much of my stamina.

Sweeney Todd, the demon barber who did my knee!!

As I plan to be back road cycling fairly soon (This is actually part of my recovery, as it builds up the quad muscles & takes some of the pressure off the knee). I think I'll need all the help I can get. Cycling is of course a non impactive discipline & I'm hoping the summer will join me & the rain & wind can bugger off!!

Anyone got any EPO??

Alas I am very much playing it by ear to see when & how far I can go when I get back to the road cycling. If at anytime I feel pain or discomfort I shall simply stop, so I'll not be straying to far from home!!

The rolling road will be my companion when my wife is at work, & my god I hope I can finally break in my Brooks saddle, it's a battle of wills now & I refuse to let it beat me!!

My new home, with my specially designed rear tyre (low resistance)

Monday, 13 June 2011

Great Kent Ride

On Sunday, I was joined by Sandra & Rae & we completed in the Great Kent Ride, which is 60 miles over fast & flat roads near to Romney before heading back towards Tenterton & then back to Ashford.

The plan of fast & flat was our aim, but my god the headwind was unbelievable. When I got to the coast & cycled along the front, I was struggling to maintain 15 mph. If I thought Norwich was windy last week, that bore into insignificance after the wind at the coast.

Another 60 miles covered at a steady pace & I'm pleased to report that I didn't have to get off my saddle to rest my posterior, so my Brooks saddle is gradually breaking in!!

Our Palmar├ęs

I've now taken my bike in for a service & will be off it for a while as Friday I am going in for a much needed knee operation. I hope to be off it for no more than a week, but will use it on the rolling road in my garage to build up my leg muscles to support it....... that's the plan anyway!!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Norwich 100 miler again

Last Sunday, I was joined by Rich, Kelly, Big G & Toby as we left mine at 5.30am to drive to Norwich to complete in the British Heart Foundation 100 mile ride. I have done this event for the past 2 years & it's a fairly challenging route across the Norfolk countryside.

Whilst my home county of Kent was plaugued with a deluge we enjoyed glourious sunshine on the ride. However, we ended up cycling into a strong headwind for 95 out of the 100 miles. I want someone to explain to me how I can cycle a circular route into a head wind all the way round???

Our 100 mile route

Big G praying for the end about 75 miles in!!

TFT's was over!!

As I said I've done this ride for the past 2 years & this year I felt stronger, but the head wind was a killer & our average speed was 1.3mph slower than last year. Still a good day, with good friends

Overall my first week of training has gone well & I managed to do 170 miles

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Royal British Legion

Hi all

One of my friends from work lost his nephew in Afghanistan last Friday & today his body was repatriated back to the UK.

I have therefore decided that the other charity I shall be raising funds for is the Royal British Legion. Please give generously on the justgving site to the right!!

Week one has gone well

Well my good intentions did start the following day, when I joined Becky from work & we went & did a cheeky little 20 mile ride before I went to work. It was a nice ride through the Kent countryside over some moderate hills.

We did stop for a quick cup of tea & Becky was relieved to be off her saddle!!

The rolling hills of Kent

Beacuse of an unforeseen incident at work, I had to work Tuesday & Wednesday night. This didn't deter Kelly, Adam & I doing a nice 40 miler in the morning before heading home to bed. Again another nice ride, over some more challenging hills which do seem to go on for ever. I am pleased to report though that I managed to do the whole route without seeking solice in the 'granny ring' on the front.

Another tea stop at Pollhill, were all smiling as the next 8 miles are downhill!!

Our rather hilly route over the North Downs

Looking ahead to the weekend, I have my first big trial of the year, the Norwich 100 miler, which as it's name suggests is in Norwich & this may shock you, but it's 100 miles!!

As my reader will know I have now done Lands End to John O'Groats 3 times & this will be my 4th time. I've always said that I will continue to do it until I've seen Glencoe in the sunshine!! I have now also done this event with 8 other cyclists & it has been decided that we will get cycling tops made to comemorate this event. I am grateful to Stu for desigining us a 'club logo' for Le Tour de Plod!