Monday, 13 June 2011

Great Kent Ride

On Sunday, I was joined by Sandra & Rae & we completed in the Great Kent Ride, which is 60 miles over fast & flat roads near to Romney before heading back towards Tenterton & then back to Ashford.

The plan of fast & flat was our aim, but my god the headwind was unbelievable. When I got to the coast & cycled along the front, I was struggling to maintain 15 mph. If I thought Norwich was windy last week, that bore into insignificance after the wind at the coast.

Another 60 miles covered at a steady pace & I'm pleased to report that I didn't have to get off my saddle to rest my posterior, so my Brooks saddle is gradually breaking in!!

Our Palmar├ęs

I've now taken my bike in for a service & will be off it for a while as Friday I am going in for a much needed knee operation. I hope to be off it for no more than a week, but will use it on the rolling road in my garage to build up my leg muscles to support it....... that's the plan anyway!!

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