Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Norwich 100 miler again

Last Sunday, I was joined by Rich, Kelly, Big G & Toby as we left mine at 5.30am to drive to Norwich to complete in the British Heart Foundation 100 mile ride. I have done this event for the past 2 years & it's a fairly challenging route across the Norfolk countryside.

Whilst my home county of Kent was plaugued with a deluge we enjoyed glourious sunshine on the ride. However, we ended up cycling into a strong headwind for 95 out of the 100 miles. I want someone to explain to me how I can cycle a circular route into a head wind all the way round???

Our 100 mile route

Big G praying for the end about 75 miles in!!

TFT's was over!!

As I said I've done this ride for the past 2 years & this year I felt stronger, but the head wind was a killer & our average speed was 1.3mph slower than last year. Still a good day, with good friends

Overall my first week of training has gone well & I managed to do 170 miles

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