Thursday, 2 June 2011

Week one has gone well

Well my good intentions did start the following day, when I joined Becky from work & we went & did a cheeky little 20 mile ride before I went to work. It was a nice ride through the Kent countryside over some moderate hills.

We did stop for a quick cup of tea & Becky was relieved to be off her saddle!!

The rolling hills of Kent

Beacuse of an unforeseen incident at work, I had to work Tuesday & Wednesday night. This didn't deter Kelly, Adam & I doing a nice 40 miler in the morning before heading home to bed. Again another nice ride, over some more challenging hills which do seem to go on for ever. I am pleased to report though that I managed to do the whole route without seeking solice in the 'granny ring' on the front.

Another tea stop at Pollhill, were all smiling as the next 8 miles are downhill!!

Our rather hilly route over the North Downs

Looking ahead to the weekend, I have my first big trial of the year, the Norwich 100 miler, which as it's name suggests is in Norwich & this may shock you, but it's 100 miles!!

As my reader will know I have now done Lands End to John O'Groats 3 times & this will be my 4th time. I've always said that I will continue to do it until I've seen Glencoe in the sunshine!! I have now also done this event with 8 other cyclists & it has been decided that we will get cycling tops made to comemorate this event. I am grateful to Stu for desigining us a 'club logo' for Le Tour de Plod!

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