Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Barmy weather continues

On Sunday, with this unexpected glorious weather I was joined by Sandra & Kelly & we headed out onto the very familiar North Downs for another training ride. (I can't see we will be doing too many more of these, the weather must change soon).  We did one of our 'normal' routes & it was fantastic.

The ride it's self was uneventful, we did choose the side roads up to Chelsfield as the traffic was busy & the usual Sunday drivers were out in force.  Why do car drivers think it's necessary to get that close to cyclists??

Our route

The only trouble with this route is the horrible climb up Starhill Road.  I have recently changed the tyres on my spare wheels & I put these wheels.  I forgot that the gearing is slightly different on my rear wheels & god did I suffer up the hill.  I was so slow at one stage I was only doing 3mph, but didn't have to resort to the granny ring, which always pleases me!

My near death experience at the top of Starhill Road!!

Kelly almost drowning in my sweat (Top of Starhill Rd)

Great pic of Sandra & I, near Cudham Lane

Smiling as the hills were behind us & it was all plain sailing back home with the next 10 miles virtually all down hill.....woohoo!!

Monday, 3 October 2011

Back in the saddle

Well today with our barmy autumn, I was joined by Kelly & Joe (on the pink love sausage) & we headed onto our familiar training roads of the good old North Downs. I didn't have the best of starts & punctured about 5 miles into the ride. When I took the wheel off discovered why. The wheel tape that goes round the inside of the wheel between the rim & the inner-tube had shifted leaving a small hole where the nipple for a spoke goes in. End result - bang!! All mended & we wound our way up towards Pollhill & then the delights of Starhill Road. This never gets easeir, but I didn't resort to the granny ring on the front, which must be a good sign??

We stopped at Costa Coffee on the way back in Biggin Hill, before the fast roads back to Bickley & the long climb up Chislehurst Hill. Why can't I live in Holland where it's flat??

Todays choppy route

Tomorrow is another day & after I swim in the morning, I shall driving down to the coast where I have mapped out a 50 mile route. This is flat so aiming for some strength & endurance work if my legs recover in time (they felt rather stiff after the ride & clearly having so many weeks off the saddle I've got to get back 'in the grove'!!)

Our revised windy route

Making the best of possibly the last day of decent weather, Kelly & I went to the South Coast & cycled into a monster headwind, that was so strong I was struggling to maintain 10mph on the flat. My god how that changed when we returned. I think the maximum speed I did was 24mph without hardly peddling!! I LOVE tail winds!!

I hope the flags give you some idea how strong the wind was??

A welcome coffee break before heading back with the tail wind