Sunday, 13 November 2011

Will winter ever come this year??

I went out with my friend Becky on what should have been a 35 mile ride, but me & technology just don't seem to get on & somehow I managed to load the wrong route on my Satnav & it's fair to say we got lost!!  However this certainly didn't spoil our fun & with the glorious weather we had an excellent ride through the wonderful Kent country side


Is anywhere flat in Kent??

Queen of speed, whizzing past me

I fear that this weather must change at some stage & we will be subjected to snow, well that's what the gloom-mungers on the TV weather say.  Mind you they said some weeks ago that we would be plunged into another ice age???  

Hoping to get out on my bike on Tuesday with Sandra & then who knows when the next time will be??

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