Monday, 2 January 2012

2012 a New Year

Sorry for the lack of posts, but December will be remembered as a month I want to forget.  My Father died unexpectanly along with one of my closest friends.  Any thoughts of training went out of the window & I only managed a hand full of visits to the gym & no cycling.  

However to put matters right I went out New Years day & did a little 22 mile ride with my friends Ross & Kelly.  It felt good being back in the saddle again & I really enjoyed the hilly ride & company.

My good intentions were planned for today (2nd of Jan) when I drove to my friends Becky's & her & Ian had another 20 miler planned before I go to work.  It didn't go as I expected & after about a mile my bloody gear cable snapped & it was game over for me.  At least it went near to her home & I was able to cycle back stuck in top gear with no hills to contend with......phew!!

The bike will go in tomorrow to be repaired & I'll get out again in the week for another 30 or so mile ride.

My New Years Day ride.

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