Saturday, 31 March 2012

A big week

So Monday, we decided that we should go down to Dartmoor for a training few days, why I said I'd go is a mystery to me??.  I hate hills & having cycled over Dartmoor 3 times before I knew that you are either going up or going down, there is no flat!!

The crew from work

We had a hard 2 days of climbing over some seriously big hills that were so steep I had to zig zag up the road in places just to try & lower my heart rate.  I didn't have to resort to the walk of shame though!!

I really hated this one!!

I've been trying to get out on my bike as much as possible & have been joined by various friends whom I've cycled with in the past.

Kerry & I did a nice 25 miler over the north downs & had a lovely cup of tea in Brasted

Tiffin time!!

Kelly (different one to below) & I have a regular route that always seems to finish up at the Speedgate Cafe for tea & a bacon sarnie.  Is bacon the staple food for cyclists??

Hmmm bacon!! 

Now the good weather seems finally to be with us, I went out last Sunday with my old training partner & dear friend Sandra & Kelly from work & we decided to do a little ride.  Well little is relative & we ended up doing 124 miles!!

It was cold when we left home with thick fog; the day before this had burnt off by 9am so we were fairly confident that the same would happen on this day.  How wrong we were!!

If you look closely to can see the icicles on Kelly's eyelashes!!

We had to stop in Maidstone (27 miles) for a hot cup of tea, sadly being a Sunday everywhere was shut, so we restricted to a Costa Coffee in a petrol station, but we didn't care it did the trick

On to Ashford (50 miles) then & the sun would be up surely??? Was it bugger, so we stopped for a bacon sarnie & another hot drink.  As we cyclied onto Folkestone, surely the sun must come up.  It did just as we reached the climb up a 20% hill.  When we got to the top, the sun stayed with us & it brought it's friend the head wind...... that stayed with us all the way to Canterbury, but we did manage an average speed of nearly 22mph for the next 10 miles!!

In Canterbury (70 miles) we had another coffee  & Sandra & I were forced to go & buy more clothes in Milletts!!  Talk about being unprepared & I have draws of cycling clothing at home for ALL occasions!!

The ride back was pretty uneventful after that, we did stop in Strood (100 miles) for a hot chocolate & a bag of french fries in MacDonalds & then made our way back home.

Hot chocolate never tasted so good!!

It was a good day & the longest by far I've ever done on a bike.  Easter weekend I have mapped out a 160 miler....... should be fun!!!

Our route

Sunday, 4 March 2012

For Steve!!

Well I've been moaned at for weeks or is it months now by Steve to update my blog & I must apologise to my other reader.  Sadly towards the tail end of January I came down with rather a nasty virus & basically felt like deaths door for 6 weeks on & off.

However & am now back to my annoying best & have started to train hard again.  To this end I have employed the services of a personal trainer & have been hitting the gym when ever I can.  Good news the weather finally seems to have broken so it's back in the saddle for me for some serious road time.  Only managed 65 miles this week, but it's a start!!

My PT trainer has me doing some 'strange things' amongst these is skipping & I'm sure she'll agree I'm not what you would call naturally co-ordinated & I'm convinced she only does this to make herself laugh & me to look stupid????

Me skipping!!

I have been back on my bike now in the last week & have been out with my old cycling friend Sandra.  

Our 43 mile route

I have kept my spinning going, but I think my running days are far behind me, but I do push myself to the limit!!

Spin classes are hard work!!

On other news, I have got a place in the London Tri-athlon so in September i have a 1500m swim, a 40k cycle & a 10k run...... I'm 45 & should act my age!!