Sunday, 4 March 2012

For Steve!!

Well I've been moaned at for weeks or is it months now by Steve to update my blog & I must apologise to my other reader.  Sadly towards the tail end of January I came down with rather a nasty virus & basically felt like deaths door for 6 weeks on & off.

However & am now back to my annoying best & have started to train hard again.  To this end I have employed the services of a personal trainer & have been hitting the gym when ever I can.  Good news the weather finally seems to have broken so it's back in the saddle for me for some serious road time.  Only managed 65 miles this week, but it's a start!!

My PT trainer has me doing some 'strange things' amongst these is skipping & I'm sure she'll agree I'm not what you would call naturally co-ordinated & I'm convinced she only does this to make herself laugh & me to look stupid????

Me skipping!!

I have been back on my bike now in the last week & have been out with my old cycling friend Sandra.  

Our 43 mile route

I have kept my spinning going, but I think my running days are far behind me, but I do push myself to the limit!!

Spin classes are hard work!!

On other news, I have got a place in the London Tri-athlon so in September i have a 1500m swim, a 40k cycle & a 10k run...... I'm 45 & should act my age!!

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