Friday, 27 April 2012

In 4 weeks time!!

The training has been continuing but off the bike, been going to the gym regularly & swimming, spinning & running when ever I can.  It would appear that we now have a monsoon season in England between Winter & Spring, so the bike is staying firmly in the garage until this is over

The bikes are mating, I'm sure of it!!

I've continued to do my PT sessions with Debbie & as ever she is pushing me to my max.  I have started to see results & am getting better at all the routines she has me doing.  I still hate doing the plank & always will, but love the boxing

It whilst round at Debbie's that I told of her of a woman at the gym that stands on a medicine ball & does squats.  I think I've started a craze??!!

This is how it started!!

Wendy refused to be beaten by me!!

Linda got in on the act!!

Rosa wasn't going to be out done!!

Debbie had to do it, well she is our PT trainer!!

It's now only 4 weeks until 16 of us from work attempt the 3 peaks challenge & cycle the 450 miles in between.  Aiming to do it as near to 72 hours as possible.  Watch this space for more information!!

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