Thursday, 12 April 2012

A whole new level

After the mamouth effort of a few weeks ago, when Sandra, Kelly & I embarked on our 124 mile ride, we decided that we should up the anti & push the boundries of what we can do, so yesterday we were join by the 2 Chris's & we did something special.... A 155 mile ride!!!

It is the longest any of us have ever done (well Chris G has only ever ridden 30 miles before!)

We left mine at 6.20am on what would be a long day, we knew it would be & we were right it was!!

The first few miles were uneventful, we stopped in Tonbridge for a Starbucks & as I had been trying to preserve the battery in my satnav, after we left Tonbridge I turned on the route to follow... big mistake, my satnav (or twatnav as it's now called) just kept freezing.  Good job I had my iphone to work out a route!!

The ride down to the coast was uneventful, the sun actually came out at one stage, which was a welcome break from the drizzle we had been cycling in.  I don't mind cycling in the rain, you only get wet at the start!!

A quick 5 min leg stretch outside Hartley (50 miles)

We made our way down to the coast, without incident, a little more rain & had a lovely lunch in Rye.  I was pleased to reach Rye as I knew the next 30 miles were like a billard table.  We covered this in around an hour & a half.  Needless to say when we got to the coast we had a head & side wind to contend with, but I didn't care it was FLAT!!.  As we went through Burmarsh, we turned the corner & saw this hill come into view.  Jesus it was like the north face of the Eiger.  I dragged myself up it & as I reached the top, the heavens opened.  It was like a biblical deluge, I kept looking for a bloke counting animals in pairs onto a boat!!

We had our first (& only mechanical incident).  Chris G had a puncture just as we reached Dymchurch & we all stood round & watched him change it!!

Offering Chris G helpul hints & advice!!

The ride became a little choppy after this, but we did average nearly 20mpg for the 10 miles leading into Canterbury, where we were treated to hot tea & cake.

Carrot cake, sent straight from God!!

After the horrible climb out of Canterbury the rest of the ride was uneventful.  The flat marshland near Whitstable was a godsend & then we embarked on the homewood journey up the A2 home.

We felt obliged to stop at the MacDonalds in Strood for fries & hot chocolate & they never tasted so good!!

Blink & you missed the food being eaten!!

Leaving Strood we had about 23 miles to go.  The light by this time was fading, but our spirits weren't. Finally got back to mine aroun 9.05pm.  A great day, great company & strange as this may sound great fun.  Spent about 11 hours in the saddle & looking forward to the next one..... is 200 miles possible in a day???

Our route.

I keep getting asked how my arse is after the ride.  All I can say is firm & strangely when I woke up this morning, no aches or pains... thank you all for your concern!!

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