Friday, 18 May 2012

3 days to go!!

Dear all,

It's now only 3 days until we leave to drive to Wales for what will be the hardest physical challenge I have faced.  To cycle 450 miles in 72 hours, with 3 hills thrown in for good measure.  There are 16 of us cycling this & our aim is to get at least one person under this time.  A rival team from Greenwich did it a few weeks ago in 76 hours so we have to beat them!!

I will try & update my twitter page with updates as we go up the country & as most of you will be tucked up in bed when we ride at night I have added on the top right of the page the feed so they will appear (If you are on twitter you can follow me at @philipclare or we do have a dedicated site at @X3peaksbiathlon where a number of different people will update)

Should be fun!!

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