Friday, 4 May 2012

Well it's now only 3 weeks until we start our next little trip, well it's only half the length of the country so it must be a little one??!?

I've not really been on my bike much, the monsoon season is upon us & where I have cycled great distances in the rain, I just don't enjoy it anymore so am not doing it!!

I have been keeping up with my training & been doing spin, swim & running at the gym along with my Personal Training sessions with Debbie

Tuesday & Wednesday, I had a big test which was I had to undergo my annual training for public order & off to Gravesend I went.  I got the 500m shield run out of the way, coming in last at 2:37 (you have 2:45 to get round).  I did it so was pleased & then the fun & games started.  It's often referred to as riot training for obvious reasons & a friend from the gym was horrified when I told her that they throw petrol bombs at you.  The instructors try to make it as realistic as possible & I did go up in flames at one stage!!

A pretend riot!!!

It does get warm!!

Having got this out of the way for another year, I am now spending the next few weeks concentrating on my cycling.  I am out tomorrow for a 30 miler & will go out again next week for at least a 50 miler

Sadly then the Olympics will be upon us & my home life will cease until the 17th September, which will give me a week to prepare for the London Tri-athlon.  

Oh I nearly forgot I have entered the ballot for next years London Marathon!!

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