Friday, 8 June 2012

We did it (well 9 did!)

Well the challenge was to do the 3 peaks, Snowdonia, Scarfel Pyke & Ben Nevis oh yes & cycle the 450 odd mile inbetween.  We had set ourselves the time limit of 72 hours.  I should stress before I start that I never had the intention of doing the hills, my knees wouldn't take it.

The walkers left Snowdonia at some silly time in the morning to walk up (I was still in bed) & we met them at the bottom & started our little adventure as a group of 16.  The first days ride was uneventful covering something like 90 miles to our stop over,  just north of Liverpool.  We got there around 6pm.  We had a few hours rest a British Army spagbol & the off on the first night stage to the base of Scarfell Pyke.  It's weird cycling at night as a peleton as you can't really see the start of your wheel in the lights, which makes it hard to get as close as you can to the rear wheel of the ride in front.  (If you cycle like this you use 20% less energy)

We cycled through to Lancaster & then the walkers made their way to the Pyke, we fortunately went to the hostel to sleep arriving at 5am.  A quick shower & then bed.  We were lucky the walkers came in some 8 hours later!!  We left there at 8pm for the 160 miles to Loch Lomad, just north of Glasgow

A tiring ride which was made worse by the useless Scottish Youth Hostel Association who we had told we would be arriving early morning, grabbing a few hours sleep & then leaving for Fort William.  We had a phone call the day before telling us we couldn't check in before 2pm because of Health & Safety???????? They are winkers (I think that's the correct spelling) So after a few hours sleep on the grass, we were off again.

We arrived in Fort William around 8pm, grabbed some food & the walkers were off, finally getting back to the base of the climb about 5ish in the morning.  9 people did it in 70 hours, 22 mins & 15 seconds, an outstanding achievement

Somewhere in Wales

Just north of Glasgow & I let the side down with the wrong top!!

Scottish Youth Hostal Assoc should be ashamed of themselves, we slept in a park

Almost finished climbing for the day in the Highlands

Fort Wiliam, where we arrived at the base of the Ben

At the Commando Memorial Splean Bridge with the riders, walkers & crew

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