Sunday, 23 September 2012

I finished!!

Well what can I say, that was by far the hardest thing I have ever done - harder than running a marathon.  It started badly when I had to jump in to the dock.  I'm not a confident swimmer & daft as it may sound I didn't like jumping in as I normally walk into the lakes?!  When I jumped in I managed to dislodge my goggles which then kept filling up with water as I started to swim, so I did most of the swim with my eyes shut. The route is an up & back & as I started the downward section I got cramp in both calves, so couldn't use my legs.  I was overtaken by the following group which was horrendous as they literally swim over the top of you, this forced me a few times to drink the dock!!!

It was as cold as it looked!!

I was so glad to get back on dry land, the water was freezing & I was shaking, but I had done the bit I was dreading the most.  I should have kept my wetsuit on for the bike ride & run, it was horrendous, howling winds & heavy rain.  The roads were slippery & I saw a few riders come off so caution was very much the priority for the day.  I was also amazed by the amount of riders that punctured & didn't carry a spare inner-tube??

Onto the run, which was actually a nice route, as the rain had been that heavy one bit there was an additional water feature for about 12ft, so the run was almost a steeplechase!! God that was cold as well.

I crossed the line & saw a familiar face smiling & cheering me on, thanks Becky for waiting xx

Don't let the first place step fool you, I think I was last!!

The all important finishers medal!!!

Saturday, 22 September 2012

It's D Day!!

Well not quite like 1945, but still the biggest one day challenge I have done yet.  The preperation has all been done, I checked my bike over last night adjusted & tightened the screws, tyre pressures done.  I can now do no more, I shall be donning the wetsuit about 1.30pm & starting my swim at 2.05pm.  I think because of the weather I'm looking at about 3hrs & 45 mins the breakdown is as follows

1500m swim  50mins

Transition 1   10 mins

40k bike ride  1hr & 30 mins

Transition 2    5 mins

10k run          1hr & 10 mins

This gives me a total time of 3 hours & 45 mins.  Well that's the plan!!!

I'll post pics & my times when I finish.......wish me luck & thanks for the messages of support xx

Thursday, 20 September 2012

D Day -2!!

Well just doing last minute preperation, not going to the gym as I've been told to taper.  I should have actually started training first I suppose!!

Looking ahead to Sunday now & I thought I check the 3 day weather forecast.  I wish I hadn't, it's forecast to be heavy rain & high winds.  On reflection I will now be happy to finish in under 4 hours!!!


I am looking forward to Sunday & to be honest can't wait to just get going, I'm sure I'll feel a lot more comfortable then.  I am worried about the mass start for the swim, but I would imagine after a 100m or so the group would have thinned out & I'll have some clear water round me.. well I hope anyway

The bit I'm not looking forward too

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

11 days to go!!

It's now only 11 days until I attempt my next adventure, which is the London Tri-athlon.  This involves a 1500m swim, 40k bike ride & then a 10k run.

I'm not overly worried about the ride or the run, but openwater swimming is something I'm not confident at & to be honest am dreading a little.

To help over come this, I went to Leybourne Lakes today, donned my wetsuit & then did a little swim, more to boost my confidence than actual training.  After a short time I started to feel more relaxed in the water & dare I say it quite enjoyed the experience

I do doubt my own abilities in water so will be back there again tomorrow where I hope to swim a little longer & hopefully a little faster??

They're bringing back Dallas, I could do the remake of the Man from Atlantis?

The cycling & running seem to be going well too & as my PT instructor has decided to grace the UK with an appearance I shall be consentrating on my core & shoulders???

In actual fact I managed to drag Debbie down to the lakes with me & we did the 1350m circuit

Is rubber ever a good look???

The staff at David Lloyds (my gym) are getting in on the act of standing on balls (see older posts!)

Way to go Hannah!!

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Post Olympics

My dear reader (Steve)

Again sorry for the lack of posts, but the Olympics have been keeping me very busy at work & I have hardly had any time to do any training.  It's fair to say that I am now dreading the London Tri-athlon in 2 weeks & think if I don't drown on the swim, the bike & run will finish me off!!!

I have started to run again & bought my self a new pair of trainers that seem to make me go faster & the good news is my knee hasn't been hurting.  There is even better news, I seem to be getting quicker & have been running at under 10 min miles.  This is hardly going to impress many of you, but for me is a big milestone as I usually ran at about 12 min miles.  I would like to thank Rosa & Gerry for being my targets to chase when I'm running!!!

I now have 2 weeks so will be at the gym or the lakes as often as I can.  I should also really monitor what I eat & drink.  A few pounds off will make some difference!!

I need to lose weight!!