Sunday, 23 September 2012

I finished!!

Well what can I say, that was by far the hardest thing I have ever done - harder than running a marathon.  It started badly when I had to jump in to the dock.  I'm not a confident swimmer & daft as it may sound I didn't like jumping in as I normally walk into the lakes?!  When I jumped in I managed to dislodge my goggles which then kept filling up with water as I started to swim, so I did most of the swim with my eyes shut. The route is an up & back & as I started the downward section I got cramp in both calves, so couldn't use my legs.  I was overtaken by the following group which was horrendous as they literally swim over the top of you, this forced me a few times to drink the dock!!!

It was as cold as it looked!!

I was so glad to get back on dry land, the water was freezing & I was shaking, but I had done the bit I was dreading the most.  I should have kept my wetsuit on for the bike ride & run, it was horrendous, howling winds & heavy rain.  The roads were slippery & I saw a few riders come off so caution was very much the priority for the day.  I was also amazed by the amount of riders that punctured & didn't carry a spare inner-tube??

Onto the run, which was actually a nice route, as the rain had been that heavy one bit there was an additional water feature for about 12ft, so the run was almost a steeplechase!! God that was cold as well.

I crossed the line & saw a familiar face smiling & cheering me on, thanks Becky for waiting xx

Don't let the first place step fool you, I think I was last!!

The all important finishers medal!!!

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