Saturday, 22 September 2012

It's D Day!!

Well not quite like 1945, but still the biggest one day challenge I have done yet.  The preperation has all been done, I checked my bike over last night adjusted & tightened the screws, tyre pressures done.  I can now do no more, I shall be donning the wetsuit about 1.30pm & starting my swim at 2.05pm.  I think because of the weather I'm looking at about 3hrs & 45 mins the breakdown is as follows

1500m swim  50mins

Transition 1   10 mins

40k bike ride  1hr & 30 mins

Transition 2    5 mins

10k run          1hr & 10 mins

This gives me a total time of 3 hours & 45 mins.  Well that's the plan!!!

I'll post pics & my times when I finish.......wish me luck & thanks for the messages of support xx

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