Sunday, 9 September 2012

Post Olympics

My dear reader (Steve)

Again sorry for the lack of posts, but the Olympics have been keeping me very busy at work & I have hardly had any time to do any training.  It's fair to say that I am now dreading the London Tri-athlon in 2 weeks & think if I don't drown on the swim, the bike & run will finish me off!!!

I have started to run again & bought my self a new pair of trainers that seem to make me go faster & the good news is my knee hasn't been hurting.  There is even better news, I seem to be getting quicker & have been running at under 10 min miles.  This is hardly going to impress many of you, but for me is a big milestone as I usually ran at about 12 min miles.  I would like to thank Rosa & Gerry for being my targets to chase when I'm running!!!

I now have 2 weeks so will be at the gym or the lakes as often as I can.  I should also really monitor what I eat & drink.  A few pounds off will make some difference!!

I need to lose weight!!

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  1. No more curries for you then are mad Bro!!!