Tuesday, 9 October 2012

A dirty weekend!!

Well some times keeping fit just has to be fun, there was no pressure on times for this one, when I went with a group of friends to Devon for a dirty weekend!!!

Some months ago Becky at work suggested that I do the Commando Challenge, which is a 10k obstacle course over the Devon countryside, with mud & water & more mud!!!

We drove down on Saturday morning for our ridiculous early morning start on Sunday & got down & dirty!!

The route is a 3k run over fields & roads to the main event, straight into a tunnel, which is pitch black inside & we couldn't see a thing, had to go by touch 'Oops sorry madam was that your bottom!', well that was my excuse!!

Out the other end & into Peters' Pool.  I think the expression on Becky's face tells you how cold it was!!

Freezing is an understatement!!

More water & loads more mud, but what fun.  Definitely going to do it next year!!



It was an amazing time & we laughed all the way round, I am grateful for the generosity of my friends for their humour & patients in waiting for me to catch up.  I'm now on a diet to lose a few stones before the next one!!.... Thanks guys xx

Footwear was a problem for the event, we all took boots with us as well, but decided on trainers & I'm happy to report I didn't get sucked off in a bog!!

One of the many tunnels we crawled through, they of course were pitch black when we did it!

The crocodile pit, smelly thick slimy mud

Entrance to the 'smartie tubes'

The question is would I do it again, too bloody right & I'll be there again next year for more of the same!!!  Come & join me should be a laugh!!

Our finishers medal

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