Saturday, 27 October 2012

Tunnel 2 Towers Run

Last Sunday, I was joined by my friend Rosa & we competed in the Tunnel 2 Towers Run (T2T).  This originates in New York & commemorates the life of a Firefighter called Stephen Siller who after the attacks of 9/11 did what most of us in the emergency services would have done & went straight back to work.  He couldn't get to his station because of the traffic, so donned his uniform & equipment & then ran 5k from where he could park, through the tunnel to Manhattan & ground zero to help others. Sadly he was one of the many emergency responders who died that day.

In NY they do an annual T2T run for the fire brigade widows & orphans.  London was the first major town outside the USA to copy this.

We met at Southwark Park & then ran through the Rotherhithe Tunnel & finished in the shadow of Canary Wharf on the Isle of Dogs.  It was a really good atmosphere, well organised & raised a great deal of money for the UK Firefighters charity.  Everyone who took part were friendly & chatty, it was a real 'fun run' as opposed to a race.  I didn't get the opportunity to remind the many fireman there that God created Policeman, so Fireman can have hero's, but I will next year!!

The 5K route

Rosa & I at the start

I was please with my run & for the first time maintained a sub 10 min mile over any distance.  Roll on the 18th November when I shall be attempting a 10k round Regents Park

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