Monday, 26 November 2012

Guts 'n' Glory

Well what can I say, it didn't disappoint!!!  The website said that it would be wet & muddy, & my god was it!!

We left home early to make sure we had sufficient time to get to the start, had a good run through to Essex & got to within 200m of the car park, this is where the trouble started.  It had poured down with rain over the last few days & the car park (field) was waterlogged, so as the cars went on to it we all got stuck in mud.  Had to be pushed to a dry bit!!  This didn't dampen our spirits though

My 2 running companions Rosa & Hannah

Sadly because of the trouble with the car park the start time was put back by an hour & a half & didn't start until 12.30, not good when I start work at 2pm!!  We decided that we would do the 5k event as I needed to get away to get back to work.  

The first 2k was a gentle run to 'the pits' a series of clay pits full of mud & the water.  I can only describe the consistency as like runny porridge.  This went on for about 3k through chest high freezing water & up mud covered steep banks.  Dirty doesn't do it justice, but what fun!!

The last section is through a river, well a muddy swamp area, with fallen trees blocking the route which you go over or under.  It was during this stage that I did the splits 3 times (I can assure you unintentionally!) & now can barely walk!  Through this covered in thick slimey mud to a 1k assault course at the end, do you know how hard it is to climb out of a muddy skip??

Cold & wet, but still smilling!! xx

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