Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Injury update

Well the last event nearly finished me off, that was 3 weeks ago & I still can't run or swim.  When I did the splits I ended up tearing my groin & worst of all I have torn the bottom muscle of my abdomen which means that virtually all forms of exercise are now out of bounds. 

I have managed to start spinning now & have been doing PT sessions still, but all I have been able to do is boxing & weights & my god how my shoulders have felt that.  At least the spin classes will maintain my fitness levels & endurance.

I have another week off from serious training over the Christmas period & look forward to hopefully getting back into real training in the New Year as I have a number of running & cycling events that I want to do.

A proper Christmas Tree!!

My close friends know me thoughts of the Christmas period & if not the hat might give you a clue!!

Needless to say I'll be glad when it's all over & the country can go back to being normal again & in my case as normal as I can be!!

Happy Christmas to you all & have a peaceful New Year xx

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