Monday, 18 February 2013

A slow recovery

Well this Sunday marked the 13th week anniversary since I did my heroic splits.  It has been easing & in the past few weeks I have even managed a small (300m) run on the treadmill.  This pulled, but wasn't as bad as before.  I was told that this injury would take a long time to get better & boy were they right.  Nearly 3 months have passed & it's driving me mad!!

As I have mentioned on previous entries, I have managed to be able to spin & use the cross trainer & yesterday I went out on my bike, over a usual hilly route just to see what it was like.  I'm pleased to report that I managed to do the 20 odd mile ride relatively pain free, which is encouraging news as I have a place in the London 100miler in August.  This is a legacy of the Olympics & it's a 100 mile race on closed roads using the Olymipc route.  We only go up Box Hill once, but have to endure the horrors of Leith Hill, which is a killer.  I'm aiming to finish it in around 6.5 hours.

Our 20 mile route

I may well be doing a half marathon this weekend, it's called the Moonlight Challenge & it's done at night cross country.  I plan on walking it as I still can't run, but I am very much dependant on the weather. If it's too wet I won't & if it's icy I won't as I can't risk doing the splits again!!

I shall keep plugging away down the gym & have even bought myself a new pair of swimmies as I need to get back into the pool!!

Boys medium, which I think is the right size?!?!

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