Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Update on my injury

Well ladies & gents, as you can probably gather from my lack of posts I'm still injured & have been now for over 10 weeks.  My lack of flexibility when I did the splits 3 times back in November has put me on the sidelines for far longer than I expected.  The only consolation is that I am still able to do spin classes (don't want to risk going out on my road bike in case I have a relapse 20 miles from home) & I have rediscovered the cross trainer.  Both of which are pain free

I have tried to swim front crawl a couple of times & it just pulls my groin.  Breast stroke on the other hand now doesn't, so I've even been back in the pool a few times.

It's fair to say I have been living at the gym, just trying to do what I can

I went once or twice to the gym in January!!

I have now sort medical attention for my groin & on Monday went to Beneden Hospital in Kent, where the consultant x-rayed the offending area & gave me the good news that nothing is 'broken' & I do not need surgery.

Today I have seen the physio via work & he has given me some stretches to do, to ease the hip flexor.  Next week he will give me some strengthening exercises. It is going to be a further long road to recovery & I have had to drop out of the Shakespeare Marathon at the end of April as I still can't run.  I tried again on Sunday, but after 3 steps the pain was too great & clearly pulling.

The offending injured muscles!!

I'm having 6 weeks of physio & then back to see the consultant.  I'm hoping to avoid the injection & hoping the muscle will recover quicker with the exercises??

I shall now have to do the Loch Ness marathon in September this year!!

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