Friday, 31 May 2013

Emergency Services Triathlon

Dear Reader,

Sorry again for the lack of updates, but my recovery has been slow & drawn out.  I have continued to do spin classes & use the cross trainer at the gym & have been able to swim.  

I did start to finally run about a month ago, but sods law kicked in & I kept pulling my quad muscle, so I haven't run for 3 weeks.  Last year after I did London Tri, I decided to enter a couple of tri's for this year which I have been aiming towards being fit(ish) for.

Well today was the first of these at the National Water-sports Centre in Nottingham & it was the Emergency Services National Triathlon Championship.  Well that's a daunting name to start with.  So I have been doing what training my groin & now my quad will let me.

I've been back down to Leybourne Lakes last weekend to do some open-water swimming.  This is nothing like swimming in a pool & you have the added constriction of a wetsuit.

Yes it was that cold!!

I have treated myself to a set of draft legal tri-bars for my bike & have been getting used to these

I haven't come of yet using them!!

I have no expectation that I'll win any of the events I enter, I do them just to take part,  to enjoy them & push myself.  I have set my self a target of 1hr 45mins today, I thought the swim would take me about 25 mins, the cycle about 40mins, the run about 35min & add 5 mins transition.

I was virtually spot on & finished in a time of 1hr 43mins & 44 seconds, so not a bad guess

My splits

I was joined by my dear friends Ian, Becky, her friend Clare.  Sadly Ian punctured on the cycle & DNF'ed & Becky & Clare both did PB's

All smiles at the start & the smiles were bigger at the end!!!

Me crossing the finishing line & no I wasn't last before you ask!!

All in all I had a really enjoyable day, the weather was fantastic, the water was warm(ish) & the company was brilliant.  I'm now looking forward to next weekend when I do Blenheim Tri

I can do signed copies by request!!!!!!

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