Monday, 22 July 2013

Police UK Unity Ride

Dear reader

As some of you may be aware the charity I do all my fund raising for is called Care of Police Survivors which is a charity set up by survivors to support, assist & be friends to other survivors who's loved ones are killed or die in service.

This charity is 10 years old this year & I agreed to take part in the UK's inaugural Police Unity Ride which meant cycling from The National Police Memorial in London to The National Arboretum near Leicester over 3 days.

We left central London at 9 in the morning on Friday & cycled 70 miles in blistering heat.  It was made a little more interesting as 35 of these miles were on a tow-path next to the Grand Union canal.  On a road bike with thin tyres this was interesting at times!!!

We stayed in Milton Keynes & then cycled a further 65 miles to Tamworth, leaving us 10 miles to roll in on the last day to join the survivors & dependants for their annual service.

Running repairs

Promoted to a Tour Leader, at least it matches my shoes!!

A break in a pub (where were else would you stop??!)

Leaving the Mall

We did it!!

Halfway through day two

Lunch stop first day

The 'Candyboat'

Waiting for a puncture to be repaired

Another puncture stop

And another puncture stop!!

We covered about 150 miles in the 3 days of riding & had enormous fun, the main cause was of course to raise funds for COPS.  We all selected an officer to ride for & I chose Insp Preston Gurr who took over my team when I left Charing Cross.  I was able to present his widow with a band I wore the whole route, as a memento to this first ride.  

These were made in the US & clearly they can't spell honour properly.  The EOW means End of Watch & is the date Preston died.  It was emotional for both of us when I handed this to her.

You would have thought after the weekend I would be looking for a restful Monday??  No I was up at 5am to meet my friend Stella from the gym & we went out round the meadows for her first ever outdoor run.  

Well done Stella, you did really well xx

If that wasn't enough excercise for the past few days, just donned my lycra again & went out for a 40k ride with my friend Becky

Just before we set off

Just before she got stung by a wasp

Our very hot route

Becky & I are doing the London Triathlon next weekend, so needed to get out for a leg stretcher to see where we are with our cycling.  It was a good route, nice flat roads, sadly a couple of hills, I hate hills, but fast descents.  Thanks Becky xx

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