Sunday, 4 August 2013

London Surrey 100 miler

Yesterday was a great day, well organised, considerate riders (all 20,000 of us), lovely weather & one of the best events I've ever done.

Kelly & I started early at drove to work to leave the car, we then cycled across to the Olympic Stadium & waited our turn to load into our pens to start

Waiting for the off
The route was fantastic & took us through the city into Westminster & then along to Chiswick. The crowds were amazing & I seemed to get swept away with the event & did the first 40 miles in a little over 2 hours. 

The Route

The actual ride was pretty uneventful, Leith Hill is a killer & just how I remembered it a few years ago when I last went up it.  Very steep & I was amazed the amount of people who walked it, I didn't before you ask. I may not have got up it quick, but I was buggered if I was going to get off & push my bike.... Is this why they are called pushbikes?????

I was suffering in the last 20 or so miles.  For some unknown reason I have developed problems with my feet.  Last weekend when I did the London Tri on the run I had to stop & take my shoes off, on this ride I had to do the same as my toes had gone to sleep???  Mind you it did amuse the other riders when I stopped & lit a fag!!

The last hill of the day is into Wimbledon Village & I was so pleased to see an old friend Sarah at the top.  Stopped & had a quick chat with her & it's the only picture of me cycling on the route

Thanks Sarah, lovely to see you xx
The run in from Wimbledon is a fast downhill & then along the side of the Thames, into Parliament Square, into Whitehall & then into the Mall to finish.  Again the crowds were fantastic, 10 deep & making so much noise.  I felt like a pro & had goosebumps!!!

Crossed the line in a shade under 7 hours, which for a fat bloke isn't too bad.  My moving time (ie without fag/shoe stops) was 6hrs & 6 mins

Well happy, we both finished!

The work crew

Well done Tracey, her first ever event xx

The all important finishers medal
I had a fantastic day & will definately be entering the ballot for next year.  An event well worth doing & if it's on your bucket list....DO IT!!

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