Sunday, 25 August 2013

Royal Tunbridge Wells Tri

Well it was another early start, getting up at 4am isn't good!!  The drive down to Royal Tunbridge Wells was interesting, there was loads of surface water & a couple of times the car aquaplaned which I feel always adds to the excitement!!!

Racked my bike & I was given the only number I truely deserve in any event I do!!

Don't need to say anymore!!
Went & got squeezed into my trisuit & duly reported at the poolside 10 mins before my swim.  It was here that I discovered that because of the torrential rain overnight the bike section had been cancelled because the course was flooded. One of those things, safety must come first so it turned into a aquathon.  I was better in the swim today, which was held in a pool & the run was hilly & I ended up walking the really steep bits!!  I did make it back in time for spin though

I actually have a weekend off next weekend at the moment, I'm sure I can find something to do this week to fill that gap!!

I'm running out of places to put all my medals!!

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